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Artwork for Your Lying Lips

Your Lying Lips
Wesley King

A duet for tenors and sopranos.
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About the song

"Your Lying Lips" is a duet for a high belt female and male. As humans, sometimes we would rather keep up or believe a lie than face the truth.

The sheet music is available in the following keys/versions: A minor/Female and Male duet.

Duet: A minor

Female Range: A3 - F5
Male Range: E3 - A4

About the composer

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Wesley King is a performer/composer living and working in Nashville, TN. He is originally from Tuscaloosa, AL. He is a graduate of The University of Alabama where he received a BSE in Vocal Music Education. Is a three time winner of the AMEA Young Composer Competition.

Twitter: @itswesleyking
Facebook: itswesleyking
Website: www.instagram.com/itswesleyking
Email: wesleykingmusic@gmail.com

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