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Artwork for Rose of Jericho

Rose of Jericho
Solfa Carlile

A solo for soprano, mezzo or alto.
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About the song

An emotive song about overcoming grief and regaining strength after the loss of a loved one. An analogy, the Rose of Jericho is a resilient flower that thrives in all weathers, despite harsh conditions. Sheet music available in two keys (Db and A major).

The sheet music is available in the following keys/versions: Original key - Db major, Higher key - A major.

About the composer

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Solfa is an Irish composer of classical and musical theatre. She trained at the Royal College of Music and is a pianist and Musical Director. She is a member of Mercury Musical Developments and has led and produced workshops and productions as artistic director of Genius Music Theatre, London.

Twitter: @solfacarlile
Website: www.instagram.com/solfamusik

emotional    classical    belter    soprano    mezzo    alto